Iraqi Translators Association welcomes all its members who wish to report at the Association`s HQ located in Baghdad, Palestine Street near Al-Mawal Square, to renew their membership; it is worth mentioning that the Association`s working hours are daily from 9 am until 2 pm, except for Thursdays, Fridays and official holidays. (The Association provides translation and authentication services on Thursdays from 9 am until 1 pm).

Those who intend to renew their membership IDs, can inquire in advance about the status of the file in order to check if they are required to to bring a specific document when attending for renewal. You can press the [Contact Us] button at the top of the page to find more than one way to contact the Association.


The applicant for renewal needs to bring the ID he wants to renew with one personal photo with a white background and fill out the renewal form whose form can be viewed below to know the information to be provided. It is preferable to bring a copy of the Iraqi Nationality Certificate in case the copy the Association holds is old or damaged. Those who have the National ID card may submit a copy of it instead of the Iraqi Nationality Certificate.


Whoever is unable to attend in person due to travel or other circumstances, he can make a special power of attorney certified by a notary public – or the embassy for those outside Iraq – for a close relation in order to report at Iraqi Translators` Association and follow up the renewal, signature and receipt of the identity card on behalf of the person concerned. Those who have a general power of attorney can also renew on behalf of the identity owner, provided that the power of attorney is issued in 2017. In this case, the renewal form listed below should be withdrawn and filled with the required information and delivered to the proxy to submit it with the ID renewal request transaction.

Renewal Fees


  • The subscription fee is ten thousand dinars for each of the current year (2017) and the next two years (2018 and 2019).
  • In addition to this, ten thousand dinars for each of the previous years (2016 and earlier) for those who did not pay the subscription in those years, and until the year following the date of entry into force.


We would like to inform you that since 2012 the membership of members who have not attended for renewal for more than 3 years has been withdrawn, according to the Association’s Bylaws.


This decision came in preparation for the re- establishing the membership of the Association with the International Federation; since the large number of members’ files impose exorbitant subscription fees on the Association, while the majority of them do not report at the Association to renew their membership. In accordance with what was set forth in the bylaws of the Association in Article VII, paragraph 2, which stipulates the cancellation of membership “when the subscription is not paid for two consecutive years.” Therefore, we ask members whose membership has been cancelled if they wish to be members again to attend to do so. You can access to the Terms and Conditions of being a member in the Association.


  • The renewed ID is issued within about ten days from the date of submission. The member is to know by the issuance of the identity when he finds his name in the list of completed identities.
  • Just as the attendance to request the renewal takes place from Saturdays to Wednesdays, the receipt of the renewed identity takes place during these days.
  • After opening of the Basrah branch and the start of its operations in July 2017, only residents of Basrah governorate can apply to renew their identities at the Basrah branch located in (Bariha, opposite the European Centre – Courts Bridge, Prisoners Institution Building, 2nd floor).
  • Due to the large number of requests and appeals submitted to the Association’s Administrative Board regarding those whose membership has been withdrawn, the Administrative Board has decided to find a mechanism to restore the membership of these members, on condition of:


    1. Submitting the old ID that has expired.
    2. Submitting the complete documents required for membership: a graduation confirmation (with all certificates: Bachelor’s + Master’s + Ph.D., if any) or a colour photocopy of the certificate equivalency (assessment decision + equivalency mural) for those who obtained their certificate from outside Iraq, with a photocopy of Iraqi Nationality Certificate and Status Identity on one page. Those who have the National Card may submit a copy of it instead of Iraqi Nationality Certificate and one photo.
    3. Paying an amount of 10,000 dinars for each year following the date the ID`s validity date until the year 2019, with the exemption for the years prior to the year 2005 due to a previous decision of the Administrative Board to do so.